​                                                            ST. JOHN'S UMC MEN'S GROUP
                                                          PANTHER SLIDE SHOW AND TALK 
                                                                Saturday, August 8, 2015            

                           What a wonderful time we had Saturday morning!  Overflow tables and chairs and 
                          interested men from the St. John's Men's group.   Thank you for being so hospitable!


​                                                 SHAMROCK PARK NATURE CENTER IN VENICE, FLORIDA
                                                                   PANTHER SLIDE SHOW AND TALK

​                                                        Coming in October, 2015!  Check back for date and time!


​                                                   SUNRISE ROTARY CLUB OF SARASOTA
​         Big thank you to incoming President Chris Caldwell for inviting Mr. Samuels to speak at the Monthly 
         Meeting  on Friday, July 31, 2015....AT 7:00am !!  Good morning to you all!!   Slide presentation and 
         update on recent   Florida panther news!!


​                                           --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                                Bill Samuels will be hosting a                                                              
​                                           Florida Panther slide presentation and Public Forum
​                                                     Fruitville Public Library Meeting Room
​                                                   Tuesday evening September 15, 2015 at 6:30pm  

                                   Big event scheduled for  Oscar Scherer State Park
                                                  Saturday,  January 22,  2011                               

        Come and join us for the Oscar Scherer "Hike All Trails"  Day,  January 22,  2011.  We will have the full Florida Panther
        informational exhibit set up for all the hikers and joggers that call Oscar Scherer their park.  We will have pictures of all
        manner of panther and bobcat photos,  including some from the Park that we really cannot say for certain what they are !!
        Questions answered and stories swapped  all morning long !!  Visit with us from about 7:00am-  ??.  We hope to see all
        of you there,  and talk to you in between your trail adventures !!  Call Bill Samuels at 376-2357 for all details....

                               VERY BIG STORY OUT OF SOUTH FLORIDA

State wildlife officials have had to capture and remove a free-ranging male panther because of concerns over several recent calf killings in the area,  in east Collier County.  Interest is very high in these developments because of recent emotional debate in the Golden Gate area of Naples about several "too close for comfort"  panthers near
people's houses and ranchettes.  The overall issue of increasing panther population vs. decreasing panther habitat
is likely to prove very devisive and very contentious among inhabitants of the area in the months ahead. There have never been any documented human vs. panther confrontations in Florida,  but all concerned desire that there never is any.

We will be monitoring this situation very closely as it plays out.   Posted November 8,  2010.

                                   SENIORS AT EMERITUS/ COLONIAL PARK GET TREAT

         The Recent FALL FESTIVAL  at Sarasota's  Emeritus/ Colonial Park Assisted Living Complex  got the full treatment from the Florida Panther Project,  and residents loved it !   We set up the whole exhibit,  complete with all the artwork and hands-on displays we
normally set up at larger,  more crowded venues,  and were rewarded with many very interesting stories of Florida's days gone by and wildlife activities of some of our older neighbors.  The event was treated to excellent  live country/western music and had all the usual
Fall Festival food goodies like brownies and cookies and stuff  (my FAVORITES !).  All in all,  a good time was had by all ! Thank you, Jackie,  see you next year !!

                                  FRUITVILLE GROVES SHOWS ARE BIG SUCCESS !!

                OCTOBER Weekends are so much fun!  In Sarasota County,  we have a wonderful harvest time Fall Festival
schedule of fun events at the Fruitville Groves.  Pumpkin patch,  face painting,  petting zoo,  baby goats wandering around LOL...
We have been having fun with our kids'  Florida Wildlife Quiz,  and giving away lots of panther information to  all the visitors.  Thanks
go out to our GREAT volunteers !  For more info,  call Mr. Samuels at (941) 376-2357...still time to join the fun !

                                OLD FLORIDA FEST SHOW VICTIM OF CAR BREAKDOWN

 OUR MAIN transportation source is a large Chevy van.  It needs some work, unfortunately,  and this past weekend we had to miss
a wonderful opportunity in Melbourne, Florida,  because of it.  Amanda Schlotterback and her group were very helpful in getting us in
this Show,  and I personally feel terrible there was a big space where we should have been set up at Erna Nixon Park.  The weather
was great,  the crowds were great,  we feel awful  we could not get there.  LET THIS BE A CALL FOR HELP.  If anybody wants to
contribute a special gift this Holiday season to our group,  please designate it for the Van.  It would be very much appreciated !!

Please send it to SunTrust Bank,  care of Jennifer Merrick,  address on our Home Page.  THANK YOU !!

                                               2010 North Port Heritage Festival

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon spent in North Port last week.  Thanks to Linda Yates for the invitation,  and thanks to the great folks in North Port that came out and said hello,  and visited with us.  We are hoping this becomes an annual event !  By the way,  as of November 3,  Linda Yates is our new Commissioner-elect for North Port ! Congratulations, Linda !

                   FLORIDA PANTHER PROJECT planning very busy Fall Calender!!

Bill Samuels announced the busiest Fall schedule yet for the Panther Project.  Trips to  Jacksonville,
Lake City, Orlando,  Melbourne, and Deland  are among the biggest,  with many points in between,  including
Englewood Pioneer Days on Labor Day, Sept. 6.  See ya there!

Various Fall Festivals and Wildlife Shows highlight the schedule.  The stops will include the usual fun
displays,  and lots of informational giveaways and games for the kids. As always our T-shirts and the beautiful
Panther artwork will be on display and available for donations.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these road trips,  call Mr. Samuels at 941-376-2357. These trips are fun!
A complete schedule will be posted here soon!!

If you would like to schedule the Florida Panther Project exhibit at your function or event,  please call Bill Samuels at 941-376-2357.  And remember....it's always FREE OF CHARGE and it's always fun!!

                             Animals by Nature Event....Saturday,  Sept.  11, 2010

We had a wonderful visit Saturday morning!  Many of Marne's friends and supporters came by to visit and show their support for her,  and the fight for Breast Cancer research.  Many of you know our deep commitment and support for this research,  we having been touched by the disease way too much in recent years,  just like most families have been.   Our bond is printed on the large banner we hang at these events..."Let's Make Cancer An Endangered Species!" 

If you, or your group,  would like the Panther Project to set up our exhibit at your cancer research event,  and lend our time and materials in this important fight,  please call Mr. Samuels.  We're all in this fight together!


                                             St. James  Church in Punta Gorda, Florida                                
                                                       Pet Show and Expo,  Sept. 25

                                               BREVARD COUNTY WILDLIFE DAYS
                          One of Florida's largest and most popular wildlife-centered events!
                                                       Saturday, October 16,  2010
                                                              Melbourne,  Florida

                                                The CAT DEPOT'S World Famous
                                            "Kids,  Cats,  and Cupcakes Carnival"  !!

     Don't miss this one!  The Sarasota, Florida CAT DEPOT  has one of the premier cat rescue facilties,  (actually,  this is the nicest facility of its  kind in Florida,  bar none).   On Saturday, October 23,  they will be celebrating  their success with a great event for animal lovers of all ages.  Lots of displays, exhibits, vendors,  and LOTS OF CUPCAKES  !!    The Panther Project  will have their exhibit  set up, and Mr. Samuels will be presenting the panther slide  show in the new educational center once in the morning,  and again in the afternoon.   Tour this wonderful new facility!

                                                          SATURDAY, OCT. 23
                                             10am-4pm   on 17th Street in  Sarasota  
                                               Don't be late...I LOVE CUPCAKES!! 


                                                         "Blessing of the Animals"
                       Sunday,  Sept. 26,   2-5pm  Unity Church on Proctor Street, Sarasota

                 This event has grown in popularity every year!  Come see Reverend Amy,  and 
                                 visit the Panther Project exhibit,  among nearly 20 others!


               BIG NEWS OUT OF SARASOTA  COUNTY, FLORIDA-  March 2, 2010       

Sarasota wildlife officials confirm the sighting of a Florida panther at the Carlton Preserve in south county.  Motion detector, or "trail" cameras, detected the cat and follow-up investigation revealed several very good prints that were plaster cast and have been submitted to State officials.  This signals a possible re-visitation of the area by  a cat first photographed several years ago at the preserve. This seems to be further evidence that panthers are dispersing northward from their home of the past thirty years,  the region below the Caloosahatchee River.  There is no sign of a possible mate for this cat,  but this organization receives unconfirmed sightings from this region on a pretty regular basis.  Perhaps...?   To get a look at the plaster cast of the paw prints,  call Sherm Stratton or Bill Samuels at 941-376-2357. Thank you,  Mr. Stratton and Friends of the Carlton!!

                                         POLK COUNTY FRIENDS!

          Mark your calenders!  The Florida Panther Project road show is coming to the
Polk County Discovery Nature Center  on May 22,  2010.  State Road 540  is home to the
very beautiful Circle B Bar Reserve...and if you've never been out here,  you are missing a real treat.  Large exhibit rooms,  picnic areas,  hiking trails,  lots of wildlife viewing areas,  this place is fast becoming  the destination of nature lovers in Polk County and surrounding areas.  Come visit with us on Saturday,  May 22,  for two slide presentations,  and an open
question-and-answer period following each.   Bill Samuels will be at this show to meet friends and panther supporters!  Call (863)668-4673  for details!

                                    CHARLOTTE COUNTY FRIENDS!

         Saturday, June  5,  2010,  Fisherman's Village Wildlife Festival in Punta Gorda!
Come and say hello to Florida Panther volunteers at this wonderful show that is getting bigger and bigger every year!  Lots of exhibits,  lots of prizes and giveaways,  lots of great food and entertainment.  Bill Samuels will be at this show to meet Florida panther friends and supporters.   Call (941)639-8721 for more information!

                                    SARASOTA COUNTY FRIENDS !

           We had a blast with Brownie Troop 24 April 21  at St. Margaret's Episcopal Church!!
Those kids were great and knew a lot of cool facts and information about wildlife stuff in their area. Ms.  Wilson,  your girls ROCK!!  Thanks for having us,  it was a real treat!

           Friday,  April 30, 2010,  Brentwood Elementary School's  Annual "Spring Fling"
Extravaganza  from 5pm-8pm  in the school courtyard!  Don't miss this one,  lots of kids games,  rides,  contests,  giveaways,  food....all here for you to enjoy!  The Panther Project will have a fun display with panther information and a bean bag toss game!  Call 376-2357!

         ALSO,   Tuttle Elementary Turtles get ready!!  We're coming to see you guys on Monday,  May 10  for a fun time sharing wildlife slides and answering questions about the Florida panther.  Call  Ms. Laban  at 361-6433  for details.  Somebody  is going to win a free Florida panther T-shirt!!

          WOW,  we are having a busy summer!!  All of the above events were terrific,  and we have been
meeting lots of wonderful people along the way.  Deb Laban and the kids at Tuttle were just great,  and we were also very lucky to make friends with the great kids and PTA at the Anona Elementary School in St. Petersburg,  the oldest elementary school in Pinellas County!  Those kids,  especially Jordan H  were tops,  and we had a great pizza party,  too!

          SARASOTA COUNTY Summer Park program highlights...  We've done a few and more will follow.  These kids are knowledgeable,  and well-behaved,  and friendly!  What could be better!!

           We were also able to visit our good friend Karen at Polk's Nature Discovery Center  again...Great to see everyone that turned out there!!

             Stay tuned folks,   more great events will be posted soon!

 The Florida Panther Project wishes to express our sincere condolences to the family of our dear friend and brilliant wildlife artist,  Linda Thompson,  of Sarasota, Florida.  Linda was truly a gifted artist, but much more than that,  she was a warm and compassionate person,  she was a great friend.   She shared her love of Sarasota,  and the Gulf,  and all the wildlife,  especially the marine life, through her vast portfolio of acrylic artwork.  She was very active with her hobby of rabbits,  and her loss has saddened many young fans throughout this area.  The Florida Panther Project will be announcing a tribute to Linda shortly,  so please stay tuned.  God Bless the Thompson family at this time.

  UPDATE!   As announced on ABC-7 TV  last week,  our efforts to remember Linda will focus on getting her beautiful artwork out into the wildlife and environmental community.  Through the efforts of several Galleries,  and  the generosity of Linda's husband, Ron,  we are able to offer many of Linda's prints at discounted prices and with portions of the proceeds going to the charity of the purchaser's choice. Special thanks to:  Scott Dennis at ABC-7,   the www.FREDLUNDGALLERY  , www.Collector'sGalleryandFramery.com,  and to www.MillPondPress.com    for their generosity and help,  and to Mr. Ron Thompson of Sarasota  for his support and desire to keep Linda's work alive and thriving.  God Bless all of you.

Please call Bill Samuels  at (941) 376-2357 for further information and donation details.....


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To schedule your group or organization for a FREE PRESENTATION of our Award-winning "Back From The Brink" old-fashioned Kodak slide show,  click on "Contact Us"   or call us at (941) 376-2357...... These are not lectures, they are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family!
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                                                 Tuesday, September 15, 2015  6:30pm
                                                          "Back From the Brink"
                                    The recovery of the Florida panther and new issues ahead

                                                       Fruitville Public Library
                                                          Sarasota, Florida

                                 A slide presentation and discussion hosted by Mr. Bill Samuels
                                                    ALL PUBLIC IS WELCOME!!


                                           Tuesday, September 22, 2015 12;00 noon
                                                         "Back From the Brink"
                                                Sarasota Gulf Gate Rotary Club

                                     A slide presentation and question & answer  afterward!
                                                              Mr. Bill Samuels


                                          Wednesday,  October 28,  2015 7:00pm
                                                        "Back From the Brink"
                                         Shamrock Park Nature Center,  Venice, Florida

          Full slide presentation,  question & answer with free goodies and T-shirts available !!

                                     OPEN TO THE PUBLIC,  SEATING LIMITED!!


                                     THANKS FOR YOUR WONDERFUL SUPPORT!!
                                                                                      ~ Bill Samuels

                                      Second event scheduled in Venice, Florida !!!

                Overwhelming response to the Shamrock Park event has prompted us to schedule another 
              event nearby at the Francis T. Bourne Jacaranda Public Library on Jacaranda Blvd. in Venice.

                           THURSDAY, Nov. 19, 2015.  Doors will open at 6:15pm

                       FREE ADMISSION ALWAYS,  Call ahead if coming with a group!!
                                     " Thanks for the wonderful support" ~Bill Samuels


                April 30, 2016 Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge 
 The Friends of the Refuge  are hosting an "Open House"  for any first-time, or repeat visitors to come and learn about the Refuge and its mission.  This is a great opportunity to experience what is happening in south Florida,  and talk with those closest to it !!  Don't miss this one...

                                           Thursday evening, March 24, 2016
                                               NAPLES ZOO PANTHER TALK

Enjoy an evening listening to United States Fish and Wildlife panther expert Dave Shindle talk about the recovery of the panther in Florida,  and the challenges ahead for an ever-decreasing habitat crisis.  From 6-8 pm in the open air auditorium!

                                                 Thursday morning, April 14, 2016
                                                        "Back From The Brink"
The immensely popular and award-winning slide program, hosted by Florida Panther Project founder Mr. Bill Samuels,  is coming to Sarasota!  This engagement is for a private audience,  but promises to be a great event!!  Looking forward to this one very much!! 

                                              COMING TO NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE
                                               Earth Day celebration in Vanderbilt Park
                                                         Saturday, April 23, 2016                                 

The high interest in the possibility of an eastward dispersal of Midwestern mountain lions into old haunts in the Appalachian Mountains prompts the Florida Panther Project to accept an invitation to come and set up the popular Florida panther show exhibit at this Festival.  Project founder Bill Samuels will be on hand to exchange information and perhaps answer questions about this unfolding situation.  COME ON OUT!!!

                                                          Longboat Key Kiwanis Club
                                                             "Back From The Brink"
                                                             Thursday, May 12, 2016
                               NASHVILLE, HERE WE COME!!

                          Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Bellevue Public Library  6- 7:45 pm
                                                     720 Baugh Road, Nashville TN  37221

                        Thursday, April 21, 2016, Richland Park Public Library 6- 7:45 pm
                                                  4711 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN  37209

                         Saturday, April 23, 2016, Nashville Earth Day Celebration,                                                                                          downtown Nashville Centennial Park
                  more than 100 exhibits and booths, lots of handouts, goodies, and fun!!  10am- 5pm

                                  ALL EVENTS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!

Special Guests each day,  including nationally known Conservation Biologist Dr. Michelle LaRue from the University of Minnesota Thursday and Saturday,  and representatives from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and the Missouri Department of Conservation  will be on hand to meet people and answer questions about the potential dispersal of cougars from the Midwest eastward.  

                                                  EVENTS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!!