Welcome to the official website of the Florida Panther Project, founded in 1993. While our site is being updated and new information being added, please feel free to call us at (941) 376-2357. We will be happy to update you on upcoming events and current group programs.

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The Florida panther is currently on the Federally-protected Endangered Species list. Many estimates suggest that there are between 100-150 wild panthers in the entire state. These are the last remaining documented cougars in the eastern United States. 
​                  WITH MUCH SADNESS                                                                                                                        We must announce that due to increased costs and decreased revenue, we are closing down our  501(c)(3), non-profit Florida corporation.   HOWEVER,  Mr. Samuels will be maintaining this website due to the high number of educational requests,  and tracking of panther sightings across the southeast United States.   He is also available for speaking engagements and is always eager to share his 25-plus years of experience in the Florida panther recovery story,  and would be happy to hear from you.   Please feel free to call,  or write on the "Contact" page.                             

Florida Panther
Puma Concolor Coryi
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Other Names: Puma, Cougar, Mountain Lion
Status: Endangered in Florida.
Population: Approximately 150 wild panthers 
alive today in Florida. This is actually an increase from their numbers of the past 20-30 years.
Threats: Increasing human development and population growth in Florida has led to habitat loss. 
Survival: The Florida panther has an average life span of 6 years in the wild. Chief mortality factors are car / truck collisions and fighting with other panthers.
Florida Panther Project
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