Florida Panther
         Puma concolour cougar   (2017 IUCN)
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Florida Panther Project

Sarasota,  Florida  
phone:  (941) 376-2357
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Other Names: Puma, Cougar, Mountain Lion
Status: Endangered in Florida.
Population: Unknown at this time.  Many published figures use the 180-230 USFWS estimate, however there is widespread and quite vehement disagreement over what an actual number may be. It is quite certain, however, they have very successfully rebounded at this point.
Threats: Increasing human development and population growth in Florida has led to habitat loss. Naturally occurring northward dispersal of young males has created a whole new dilemma for Florida. These animals are looking to establish new areas for their home ranges in areas that have not seen panthers in many, many years.
Survival: The Florida panther has an average life span of 8 years in the wild. Chief mortality factors are car / truck collisions and fighting with other panthers.
Florida Panther Project
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